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In partnership with Positivo Mozambique, we produced a 20min documentary
about the Timbila Orchestras of Zavala, Inhambane.


The film Timbila is available in Portuguese and English

and was already shown in:

Student World Impact Film Festival, USA (Finalist)
Steve Aronson, Costa Rica (Semi Finalist)

IGen Film Festival, Miami, USA (Honorable Mention)
Sound on Screen Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa (Nominee)

KUGOMA Film Festival, Maputo, Mozambique
FestIN Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
FestIN Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
FestIN Film Festival, Ceará, Brazil
Rising of Lusitania, AnimaDoc Film Festival, Szczecin, Poland
The Madavera Expojour Jazz Times Film Festival, Massachusetts, USA
Bijou Film Festival, Oakland, USA
Olhar Film Festival, Santarém, Brazil
First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, USA
Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions, USA

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