Welcome to Mango Sound Mozambique


About Mango Sound Mozambique:


Mozambique is a country very rich in culture and in talented people but with a great lack of infrastructure and technical knowledge in the cultural area. As a result, especialy outside of the capital Maputo, the cultural movement is very weak. Our focus is to contribute to a development in the cultural sector


We operate a professional recording studio in Beira, second largest city in Mozambique


We offer professional film and video production


We aim to promote music giving emphasis on its quality rather than on its commercial value, and offer to accompany the complete process of CD Production, from Pre-Production until the CDs arrive in Mozambique


We promote live music, and we aim to extend this into places outside the city where there are almost no live events happening


We design and organize various programs to promote local talents


We offer local people to get professional hands on training in sound engineering, music and video production

Through our work we aim to bring people and/or different cultures together

We consider that a development in cultural movement will contribute positively to a general development of the region. We create projects which aim to make people reflect on topics like violence, health and environment problems, human rights, etc.

Mango Sound Mozambique is about bringing movement into a region of Africa, with many talents and little opportunities. It’s about challenging the rules of the market, and putting the focus on one of the many
regions which it doesn't consider worth of attention.